Some FSU Blackboard Issues

Blackboard Learning System Release 9.1xxx


  • User is being returned to login screen after entering login credentials (incorrect credentials)
  • Student not able to see courses in Blackboard
  • Student kicked out of quiz/test, wants a reset (only faculty can reset… record time of problem so that instructor can reference it)
  • Left navigation bar missing (show/hide menu)
  • Cannot click on Assignment Link (not obvious where it is located… click on assignment/test name to go to assignment/test menu
  • Student not able to send Powerpoint in email
  • Needs help using discussion board
  • Student submitted wrong assignment
  • Mobile access to Blackboard
  • Login credentials for SMARTHINKING (are none, SSO, but user account needs to be in the SMARTHINKING site)
  • Missing course materials or links (need to see if links are set to be available)
  • Not getting emails that are sent from within Blackboard
  • Last night I was unable to submit my exam (direct to notify instructor, but students should be encouraged to contact either the instructor or Helpdesk at the time the problem occurs.)
  • Unable to use Turnitin
  • Unable to attach a file in Blackboard (get to Upload menu)


  • Cannot add student to course (faculty)
  • Wants to copy a test to another course
  • New course shells (send to Bb Admin — all official course sites are created by an automated process that runs 6 times a day at 1 am/pm, 5 am/pm and 9 am/pm
  • Grade Center weighting not adding up correctly ( make sure hyphen "-" is not used instead of a zero "0"
  • Unable to import test pools into Blackboard course (determine what tool is being used to create test pools [zip] … more than one program might have been used, and by the same instructor)
  • Some emails are returned when send emails from within Bb.
  • Problems with Turnitin (plaigarism ([sp] tool) … Turnitin won’t allow instructor to access Create Turnitin Assignment… says something about email already in use by another instructor)
  • Problems with Respondus