Guy Fieri Cookware

I was in Belks in Fayetteville, NC in the morning, a day or two before Thanksgiving. I think I bought a sweater vest, black, to match the purple one that I had bought earlier. I also bought 9 pairs (3 sets of 3 pairs) for about $12 (down from $17@) each set, of Black Gold Toe socks. *Funny that as a child one of the things that you really didn’t appreciate for Christmas would be socks, and as an adult, socks would be a nice present. Something to replenish your supply for the year… an annual event.

Before going downstairs (the Men’s Dept. is on the second floor), I walked over to the kitchen section and walked by the Guy Fieri Cookware set (10 pcs.). I had looked at it sometime in the past several months. Suddenly, I thought, “I’m going to buy this before the guy-fieri-cookwareChancellor gives us whatever bad news that’s coming next Monday. *About 5 days ago, I saw an email that said a “mandatory” meeting was scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving, where the Chancellor was going to address the whole ITTS Department. No hint at what he might be wanting to say, but since I’ve never seen him over in the ITTS area (maybe once when he was talking with someone about taking some of the department’s space for another department), then I know it can’t be good. Maybe he is going to outsource the department, or most of it, or maybe we may have to take a cut in pay. I really don’t know what it will be. We definitely haven’t been a premiere unit for many years. The Budget cuts went from “doing more with less”, to “doing less with less”. From “cutting the fat”, to cutting muscle.

The cook set has glass lids and has a nice weight for each of the pots & skillets. I have used a few of the utensils and am happy with them. I just fixed some mashed potatoes, with the skins, and they were very good… thyme, marjoram, salt & pepper, butter, and some onion flakes. I reheated a steak, and fixed a salad and used up the remaining Mandarin orange vinagrette dressing that I had made for the apt. warming.

While I was cooking, I happened to put one of the new pot lids on my old Revere Ware pots. It fit perfectly! I then got out my steamer insert for the Revere Ware, and it fit perfectly in the new Guy Fieri pot. I do see that the skillet lid for the new cookware does not fit on the large Revere Ware skillet. *I had thought of getting rid of my old cookware, but I may keep a few pieces (definitely the steamer & dutch oven inserts).

So, I plan to go into work this coming Monday, all day, so that I can attend the Chancellor’s “special talk” with ITTS. I was supposed to be off until this coming Wednesday, but I’ll take off Wednesday instead. **The State Legislature gave State Employees a 1.5% pay increase, and 5 “special” days that had to be taken before the end of the next fiscal year. When I heard about the 5 days, for apparently the second time, I decided to immediately take them. I used those days in early September, going to Asheville, NC and staying at a garage loft for under $80 a nite. It was an enjoyable trip.

Well, those days would normally have been taken from Vacation Leave, and then a few weeks ago, I realized that I had a bunch of leave (about 19 days) to take before the end of the year. If we have more than 240 hours of Vacation Leave at the end of the year, the excess rolls over into Sick Leave. I didn’t want that so I planned, with Michelle’s help, which days I would take off. I have two stints of 12 days off (modified by the Chancellor’s Talk) and then several weeks where I work maybe 1 or 2 days at most, punctuated by long weekends. I do have to work the week just before Christmas as Suzanne is leaving on Dec. 14th on her vacation.

Well, let’s see what the Chancellor comes up with on Monday. I sure don’t want to have to move again this soon, especially since I have such a wonderful setup now. I have lived like a Troll for the past 15 years, and now, with the recent move, and much “outgo”, have most of the things that I might ever want, and need.