“…what attributes employers seek in college graduates…

…communication skills, problem solving skills, and an ability to work well with others…”

[Assessing the College Graduate: How Employers Measure Graduates’ Possession of General

Skills by Bailey Norwood and Brian Briggeman

http://asp.okstate.edu/baileynorwood/Bailey/filesnb/MethAtt.pdf ]

To compete in a global economy, you must be able to communicate globally.

I find it difficult to imagine that a college graduate student would not know how to communicate via a blogging interface (e.g. WordPress). Why? Because being able to develop and quickly communicate ideas in a multi-media rich form (including text, audio, video & interactive presentations), being able to collaborate easily across both time and space, and creating & digesting content via a wide range of devices, especially mobile devices, are 21st Century Skills necessary to successfully compete globally.

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