Dillion, SC Public Library

I am passing through Dillon, SC and decided to stop to visit the Main Library. I am in a corner of the Library called the Dunbar Geneaology Library. I noticed a rumbled paper notice taped to one of the tables that says,

[image of a web camera]
"You Are Not Allowed to Use Webcams in the library,Thank Your,
Library Staff

I thought this odd, and thought it might be due to bandwidth issues. The library staff on duty thought the reason might be because they were loud (I guess, people talking on them would be disruptive, even if you had headphones. I asked if webcams included digital cameras, and the staff person thought they did.

It is nice and quiet here.

They have a Northwest Microfilm 2020 reader with a manual crank. Nice upholstered, padded chairs with a green and burgundy colored floral motif.