Super Duty – LOADMASTERs

A couple of years ago, I was sitting at a traffic light directly across from the Cape Fear Regional Theatre in Fayetteville, NC.  As I sat at the red light, a large

LOADMASTER Garbage Truck (not the WM green)
LOADMASTER Garbage Truck (not the WM green)

green garbage truck passed by, from left to right, and on the side was written the word, LOADMASTER.  So, my mind thought, “That would be a good name for a diaper, “LOADMASTER.”  Some diaper company should have a special diaper with that name, because it could hold alot of crap.  I even imagined the diaper would be that same dark green color and might even have the word “LOADMASTER” printed in white across the bottom.  Cute.

Last year I was on one of my short vacations that had me in Asheville, NC.  Asheville is a comfortable town, with much to do, and lots of good food.  I found myself winding through one of the neighborhoods in my little white Honda Civic.  At some point, I took a sharp right, and as I turned the corner Fthere was a large Ford truck, with a large, shiny chrome grill with the words “SUPER DUTY” written across it staring me in the face.  Normally, I don’t take right turns and find vehicles parked facing me along the right side of the street.  So, the largeness of the truck, the large shiny grill, and the bold wording, all right there close to me was a minor “slap in the face”.  I said to myself, “Super Duty, yeah?”  But, it was the way that I said it (whether in my mind, or out loud, I don’t recall) that made my mind start to work.

It was obvious that the word “duty” would degrade into “dooty” (or dootie), which somewhere in my past meant, “crap” or “shit”.  It was the cuter form of the word.  The kind of word you would use when asking a child if he had “dootied” (defecated).  And, that was when a character was born, and a short vignette created.

The character has no name, but he has a sort of Boston accent, and I see him as a blue collar worker somewhere.  This is how he reacted to seeing the truck with “Super Duty” written on the grill:

“Super Duty?  Yeah, I knew a baby that had a “Super Dootie” in his diapers once.  In fact, his parents had to buy him special diapers called, “LOADMASTERS.”  That’s because that’s the kind of vehicle that was needed to haul away all that “Super Dootie.”