Do Not Use Perceptis Helpdesk

Perceptis Helpdesk first level techs, and whatever training process the company provides, or fails to provide have been a constant source of irritation to me for the past couple of years. Simple problems were escalated to me by numerous Perceptis Helpdesk T1 (first level) techs, and their management never figured out how to correct this problem.

Over, and over, and over, and over, and over (and over, repeated many more times) tickets came to me without the basic info included so that I could start working on the problem, without having to contact the user (faculty & students) to get the basics of a problem. The T1s were excellent at stating problems in “generalities”, but failed repeatedly to provide enough specifics for me to not have to cold call the user. “The student can’t download an assignment,” to which my mind screamed, “WHICH ASSIGNMENT, in WHICH COURSE.” “The student isn’t able to view a podcast,”… “WHICH ONE?” *I hope this isn’t a generational problem. A generation of people that can generalize, but doesn’t have a clue about getting to “specifics”.

The user can’t do this,… or the user can’t do that… and I would have to ask, “Which course”, or “which assignment”, or go checking to see if the person was enrolled in more than one course. Many of the T1s just didn’t show that they had a clue as to what was needed to solve a user’s problem.

I came to hate the phrase by Perceptis management, “We will coach the tech.” If you had a good training system, you wouldn’t have to keep coaching your new techs on how to solve basic Bb problems.