The Mythical Menagerie of Doctor Baltus Bagoon

Thomas Kuebler does great work! It is both captivating, in it’s detail, and creepy, and that is a compliment. I came across the artist’s work, “The Mythical Menagerie of Doctor Baltus Bagoon” when I was going from antiques store to antiques store in Selma, NC. It was the perfect location, unless I had found it in an old store in some bleak mountain town.

I am so glad that I was alone when I found this art displayed amongst the old items of the store. If it had only been later in the day, when the late afternoon shadows had fallen, minutes away from twilight, and moments away from the darkness of night. Oh, boy, I would have probably ran out of the store, “screaming like a little girl.” Well, actually, I did find myself looking closer and closer at the detail of Baltus, and asking myself, how can this not be real.” And thinking, “If he moves (Baltus), I’ll jump six feet.” It is that good.

The Mythical Menagerie of Doctor Baltus Bagoon (by Thomas Kuebler)

The artist reveals his process for “The Mythical Menagerie of Doctor Baltus Bagoon” via the “Smooth-On” art supply site:

I’m not sure how much something like this is worth, but it would be great in a museum, where it could be appreciated by many people.