Steamer Gov. Safford "Heading to Pawley’s Island" SC
No side paddlewheel?

John H. Dialogue Shipyard
Camden, NJ

USRC Colfax was built at the Dialogue Shipyard in 1871. I don’t recall the year, but the Colfax was lengthened and refurbished at Pusey, Jones & Co. in Wilmington, DE some years later. The Colfax was in the 1988 Marine Parade in Wilmington, NC. There is a good picture of the Colfax at the Pusey, Jones & Co. wharf.

The Governor Safford was built by Dialogue but apparently, her machinery was built by Pusey, Jones & Company. There is a good image of the Gov. Safford at the Pusey, Jones & Co. wharf.
…The arrival of the railroad in upper Pinellas led to the demise of Tarpon’s most
notable steamboats.
The larger Governor Safford departed for service as a ferryboat in New York and
South Carolina before sinking in 1908; …

Georgetown, SC newspaper article reporting Gov. Safford sinking.

Gov. Safford used for Sunday School trip up Hudson River past West Point

Press communications announce, for the season 1884 ’85, as

"A steamboat line will start running this autumn from Cedar
Keys — that of the Gulf Steamship Company, caUing at the principal
shallow harbors along the coast between Cedar Keys and Tampa.
Their steamer, the Governor SafFord, a thirty-thousand-dollar boat,
now being built by the Pusey & Jones Company, of Wilmington,
Delaware, will have finst-class accommodation for passengers. She


will be one hundred and thirty-two feet from stem to stern and her
draught only three and a half feet.