Amber Alert, Duh!

I was playing with the Google Trends widget when I saw the words, “Amber Alert” pop up. Eventually, I clicked on the link and saw that the Amber Alert was tied to some man who had apparently kidnapped a brother and sister out in California. During the evening news I saw more details, but the questions began to appear. Apparently, the abductor had killed a woman (a friend), and abducted her two children a 15 year old daughter and her younger brother. But, the first question came as they reported an unidentified child, dead, in the burning rubble with the woman. I thought, “What makes them think the man kidnapped the brother along with his sister?” Wouldn’t the obvious assumption be that the other dead, child’s body, be the younger brother?

The only image I had of the girl, Hanna Anderson, was the head shot of a smiling, blonde, attractive teen girl. Finally, this morning, I googled and got a bunch more images, but pretty quickly got what I thought will be the gist of this murder/kidnapping story. I think the only question that will remain is, “Did the girl participate willingly.” And, that question might not be answered if the kidnapper and girl are found dead, of an apparent murder/suicide.