Semi-Annual Checkup

I had a 1:30 pm doctor’s appointment this afternoon with Dr. Jessica Sloan. A couple of weeks ago, I had come so they could take blood.

I arrived about 5 minutes before my appointment and waited until about 1:45 pm when a nurse came to the door, called my name and directed me into the room where she recorded my weight, height, blood pressure and heart rate. This was a new nurse. It wasn’t Casey, and I don’t think she ever introduced herself. After the initial work, I was directed to the same little corner room where I always wait for the doctor.

Doctor's Waiting RoomThe room has a few chairs, and examining table and an extremely loud, but small, clock. I’m not sure how long I waited, but eventually the door opened and a young woman entered. This wasn’t Dr. Sloan, and she introduced herself. I don’t recall her name, but I think I got that she was doing an internship and was involved in some program at Methodist University. She was professional, and personable and did most of what Dr. Sloan normally does. She used her stethoscope to listen to my chest. She eventually had me remove my shoes and used a little prod to test the sensitivity/feeling on the bottom of my feet. *I do have some slight numbness in my right big toe. We talked about my weight gain since my colonoscopy last summer. I probably talked with her about 20 minutes and she left me to wait for Dr. Sloan.

At some point the door opened again and it was the young woman again. I don’t recall what she came back for. It may have been that my foot test had been forgotten and this was when she performed it. She left again.

Dr. Sloan finally came in and sat near me. She was aware of the weight gain and that my A1C was up. She asked what level of medication I was taking and I told her I thought I was cutting in half a 1000 mg tabled of Metformin only once a day. The new nurse and I had gone over that the system said my prescription was for a 500 mg tablet. *When I came home, I checked and I have been halfing 1000 mg tablets. These were under my old prescription, and I checked and my new, and until now unopened tablets are 500 mg tablets.

I don’t recall, but will call tomorrow, if Dr. Sloan told me to start taking 1000 mgs twice a day, or the 500 mgs twice a day.

I doubt if I spent 5 minutes with Dr. Sloan, and she was then directing me out of the examining room. I took my “pink” sheet to the receptionist who scheduled me for my next blood work and appointment with the doctor about 3 months from now, in November. It was about 2:55 pm when I made it to the elevator.

A totally unrewarding visit with the doctor.

ADDENDUM: I’ve said this elsewhere, but at one scheduled visit, I learned that Dr. Sloan was no longer to be my doctor.  No one had told me.  And, at a later visit, no one had told me that her former office had closed and I would have to go to the Med One site.  *They really are slack about this.