US Representative / Gerrymandered District #4/ etc.

I’ve been frustrated by how my US Senator (Richard Burr) has dumbed down his official web site and doesn’t even have an online contact form (he may have never had one). *I checked 30+ Republican US Senators’ web sites and all but Senator Burr’s site were still up and running with all sorts of content, and almost all of them had their online contact/email form prominently displayed on their home page.  The site said two things to me… I don’t want to make it easy for my constituents to contact me, & I want to show you how disruptive this shutdown is by making most of my site content unavailable (even though he didn’t have to — the 30+ other Senator’s sites are proof of that!).

Today, I decided to contact my US Representative and wow, how funny, NOT! I go to the US House web site and start the process of looking for my Representative. I enter my ZIP code, ( ) and get the following beautifully colored map showing where I live. I go to the Congressman David E. Price web site ( ) and his Contact form ( ) I then go to USPS to get my ZIP+4 number and enter those numbers and click on “Go to Form”.

It’s then that I’m told that they don’t have a record of that ZIP in the area which they represent. I finally find a local office phone number at the bottom of the web page and call it.

An assistant answers the phone and I rehearse my dilemma. She can’t verify me in their system and isn’t sure how to correct the problem, other than have me email her my correspondence to Congressman Price. She is going to check with their tech to see how to correct this problem. I guess there are several hundred of us in the apartment complex who would be in the same predicament if they tried to contact their Representative.