Would You Not Be Angry?

Sorry politicians draw hinky voting districts.
Sorry politicians draw hinky voting districts.

If the politicians (and I use that term to mean someone lower than a dishonest car dealer) that drew the above voting districts represented North Carolinians, would you not vote them out the first chance you got? I was a registered Republican for about 35 years of my life, from 18 years old until about 53. Now during that time, I don’t ever recall voting a “straight party ticket”. I’ve voted for several Democratic US Presidents during that time, but often having voted for either a Republican or Democrat, I wised up during the second election and voted against them. My leanings during those years was more toward Republican values, but I often wanted some Democratic balance.

My State Representatives should be enacting legislation that will give me Insurance alternatives. Apparently, ObamaCare is increasing the cost of insurance. Well, insuring ALL should cost something and passing that cost on to all of us seems reasonable. But, making the Medical Process much more cost effective should also be a goal. I do not expect more than to pay more and get less and still not have everyone covered.

As a tangent, my apartment was broken into in 2008 and several items stolen. When I filed for insurance, I received a check for half the value of the items that were taken. When I called about this, I was told that we (NC) was the only state where this was in effect. Apparently, those that had influenced State rules favored the Insurance Industry rather than the Citizens of North Carolina. You got half the money up front, but to get the rest, you needed to purchase the replacement items and send the insurance company receipts for these purchases. They would then send the rest of the money (if the replacement items actually cost what the insurance was supposed to pay). Needless to say, I didn’t send in any receipts and the insurance company “made out like a bandit”. Let me repeat that, the insurance company “MADE OUT LIKE A BANDIT!”