Gadgets, etc.

Some neat gadgets and apps that I like.

This may work with other smart phones, but the Galaxy S III that I was given is the first one that has done this for me. About three minutes before my alarm is set to go off, a musical alarm starts. It is almost inaudible when it first starts and then grows louder. If I do not turn it off, the regular alarm goes off. It rarely makes it to the official alarm. The tune is very peaceful. What a nice way to wake up.

Gas Buddy… is an app for my Android phone. It will search for the location I am currently located and then show me a list of the nearest gas stations to my location. I can also switch and it will show me the cheapest gas for those stations near my current location. You can also save searches, or search for any location. I have used this to search for gas prices in locations for which I am travelling toward. I can then determine whether I want to purchase my gas from my starting point or any point in between or at my destination.

KeyRing is an app that allows you to convert your plastic scan tags (e.g. scan ID at grocery store) into digital ones. You then click on the business/store ID and a bar code is generated to be scanned at the checkout. This works well for me at Harris-Teeter and CVS pharmacy, but Food Lion uses scanners than cannot read the barcode from my phone. In that case, you can tap on an “unreadable” option, and the number ID appears in a large font so that the clerk can type it in.

I like being able to create WordPress postings from almost any location. I am currently creating this one in the Local History Room at the Main Cumberland County Library in Fayetteville, NC.

I just purchased a Google Chromecast device at Best Buy before coming to the library. I’m actually “killing time” as this afternoon is cleaning day for my apartment. Marie spends a couple of hours cleaning after she gets off work from the Rainbow.

I’m hoping to find that not only can I use the Chrome Browser from my phone, but that I can also hook up my Bluetooth to the phone and be able to create emails easily. If this is the case, it might be that combining a $35 Chromecast device, and a Bluetooth keyboard for student use would be a cheap way for them to use their own devices and have basic Internet access.

Unfortunately, Chromecast did not work from the Chrome browser on my Samsung Galaxy S III phone. The Netflix app did allow me to use Chromecast from my phone & my Chromebook. I think I am getting better screen resolution from Chromecast than I am from Netflix on my Logitech Revue unit.

The projected Chrome browser does not show the URL window, nor does it show the cursor movement on the TV screen.