I just wish I had this picture in color. This was my Senior year at Swansboro High School in 1972. Believe me, I did not want the honor of being “Most Studious”. I was always making jokes, quips or humorous observations, and wanted to be WITTIEST.

I actually wore this outfit many times during my Senior year. What started it was buying the Converse Blue All-Star tennis shoes. The shoes had a nappy blue leather with a white star on the side. So, I had some white “mess” pants (Navy bell-bottoms), to which I added a red shirt, and I bought some red, white and blue suspenders to which I glued a couple of white stars. The socks were red also.

onestar6Well, it’s obvious that my mind doesn’t remember this shoe correctly.  My photo clearly shows the 3 stripe version of the shoe (although I can’t see the outside of either shoe) and not the starred version shown here.  Maybe that’s why I added the white stars to the suspenders?