What’s Missing at Jason’s deli?

More appropriately titled, “Why Don’t I Enjoy Jason’s deli Salad Bar”.

There is something about the ingredients on their salad bar that leaves me wondering, “Why does everything taste so bland.”  This isn’t the first or second time I have thought this, and I come away with questions as to why I just am not satisfied.  Maybe it is their salad dressings that leave me wanting.  But, I like the Ranch and the Thousand Island, and I’ve even used their Balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and I’m still not impressed.  Everything looks good.  Each item is cut with intent, and there is color where it should be and no wiltedness where it shouldn’t.

The items aren’t totally flavorless, but they seem to be mildly flavored.  Something at a level that is below what would jump out at you as, “that’s a good onion, or cucumber, or hard boiled egg, etc.”

The first couple of times that I visited Jason’s deli, in Fayetteville, I think I had a turkey wrap that had hummus and some roasted red peppers.  Honestly, it was not totally flavorless, but it didn’t say, “I’m something.”  In fact, the next several times, I actually brought a small Tupperware container with some roasted red peppers and some curry remoulade (mayo, curry paste, and capers), and I doctored the wrap up, and it was really good.  But then I asked myself, “Why am I having to bring this extra stuff.”  And then you have to come to the conclusion that the item they deliver isn’t that tasty.

I did enjoy the steamed baby veggies (carrots, broccoli) that I had with the wrap.