Down on Mainstreet Redux

I visited “Down on Mainstreet” in Washington, NC again today. This was my second visit. The first time I had a really good spaghetti sauce. This time I tried the “Cajun Dream” pasta. It was a large bowtie pasta (whole wheat, tomato and spinach), with mushrooms in a cream sauce and (chicken). I’m not sure of the seasoning, but the flavor was good. I also had a house salad with honey mustard dressing. A little strong, but with some sweetner, it rounded it out nicely.

Not sure how some salads can seem so good, while others, with apparently the same ingredients are bland or non-descript.

I tried the Texas Roadhouse in Fayetteville yesterday afternoon. I had the rack of ribs. They were good, but a litle dry and there was a slight aftertaste, perhaps in the Roadhouse Sauce. It reminded me of motor oil. Not really, but that is the closest thing I could think of.

As a first time visitor, they brought me a sampler dish of four sides: corn, green beans, baked beans/chili, and a mashed potato sample. I thought this was a nice gesture, but since none of them had a flavor worth ordering, it was counterproductive.

I ordered a side salad with honey mustard dressing. I only used one cup of the dressing. This salad was disappointing. Fake cheddar cheese that was almost flavorless.  The fake cheddar cheese was also on the baked potato.  I didn’t eat much of the potato.

I wouldn’t go back to Texas Roadhouse if I am making the decision of where to go.  Gosh, all that food, and such a disappointment.