First-grader prompts Cumberland schools to address gender identity

Article on web site:

One of the commenters on this article suggested that this was ‘a little deviation from what most might consider “normal”‘.   Many that still think that if you have male genitalia you should be considered a male.   Just because I start wearing dresses and high heels and painting my lips with red lipstick isn’t going to make me female.  If I go through surgery and have my genitalia altered so that I have some remote resemblance to that of a woman, heck, I still have a problem with calling myself a woman.

It was interesting to read this article and realize that nowhere did the reporter (Gilbert Baez) refer to the feminine dressing child as a boy.  What a sell out.  They could have at least alternated the sex each time the child was mentioned… She wears dresses but he uses the Girls bathroom.  Her parents are listening to the psychologist and I am sure they hope this will be the best for him.

So, if I had a son, who embraced his masculinity (at age 6 or 7) and he comes home and tells me he has a girlfriend at school and wants to give her a Valentines Day card.  Would I have a problem, unless I find out later that the little girl has masculine genitalia?  And, would I even know until the girl was much older and started sporting a distinct Adam’s Apple?