North Carolina Education Lottery is for a Bunch of Losers!

Even though Harry Brown was not my State representative at the time, I contacted him, via email, to ask that he continue to stand against the State Lottery.  You would think that a grown man, a used car dealer would be more street-wise and when the Legislature did not adjourn immediately after passing the State Budget “that year,” that something was up.  But, apparently not.  Harry managed to take that weekend (how did he know that the budget would be passed by that weekend?) to get married, and be unavailable, or unwilling to vote against the State Lottery.  But, there was another crippled (injured?) Republican representative from elsewhere in the State that didn’t vote against the State Lottery.   Because these two Republican representatives chose not to vote against the State Lottery, it passed.  I am told that they could have voted by proxy (remotely) if they had desired to.

I think that “no good” will ever come from the NC State Lottery.  A bunch of money leaves our citizens, and the State, and only a minimal amount goes toward Education.  And, society teaches our children that gambling is an okay activity, even a worthy act because a dribble of the funds goes toward educating our children.  If educating our children was a worthy activity, the citizens of NC would stop gambling and put more of their tax money toward education.

Addendum:  I’ve probably heard this before, but it does ring true, ‘the State has found a way to tax its poorest citizens.’  Apparently, a large number of the poorer NC citizens spend money on the Lottery.  Pie in the sky.