Birthday Celebration at LongHorn Steakhouse

I was born on Mary Ann’s 16th Birthday.  Mary Ann’s middle child, Ray, has a birthday on Jan. 7th.  We all got together on Sunday, January 19th, 2014 to celebrate our birthdays.

Mary Ann and I have been to the LongHorn Steakhouse in Jacksonville, NC once before.  I thought the meal pricey, but they do have to pay for the ambiance (which is pretty much like any other LongHorn Steakhouse).

Jim, agreed to pick up the tab if we all went about 3 pm, because he wanted to avoid the crowds of lunch or dinner.  Okay, I can live with that especially since I took a long nap and really didn’t get hungry before 3pm.  Now, sometimes, I do get hungry because their eating schedule is way off from mine.  If I have breakfast after 8:30 am, I feel it is more like brunch, or even lunch.  I also have lunch about 12:30 pm and after 1:30 pm would seem too late.  But, that is because I want to eat supper/dinner by about 6:30 pm.  If I eat later than that, I don’t give my metabolism enough time to digest the food before going to bed.  Now, I am not saying that I don’t ever eat dinner after 8 pm, but it would be rare, or a special occasion (usually dependent upon someone else’s time scheudle).

So, I drove, and Danny rode with me.  That way, after dinner, I could head on to Fayetteville without having to ride with someone back to Hubert to pick up my car.

The attendees were Jim and Mary Ann, Lawrence & Heather, Jamie and Danny, myself, Si, Ray, Jackson and Jacqueline.  I’m glad that we hit between the crowds, although I’m sure some of the other guests weren’t pleased with “loud” Jackson.  Fortunately with age, comes a loss of hearing, so except for a few toy projectiles thrown in my general direction, Jackson could cry out without disturbing me.  After all, it’s not the cousin that is responsible for maintaining a child’s decorum at the table.

Si started thumping my ear, which elicited a useless verbal warning on my part, that if he “hurt” me, I would indeed hurt him… and would try to make sure that my return hurt would try to encourage him never to hurt me again.  He eventually stopped.  Sometimes, he punches me in the stomach.

Lawrence and Heather arrived a little later than the rest of us, and Lawrence made some comment about why.  Something was said about Heather being mistaken for his wife or girlfriend (I think those were the two possibilities.), and I immediately quipped “or daughter.”  This elicited a few rolled eyes and laughs.  Heather is several years younger than Lawrence.  They seem to work well together and I like her.  She is quiet, but with a good sense of humor.

I ordered French Onion Soup, a steak & shrimp combo, with a baked sweet potato (cinnamon & sugar), and a salad with honey mustard dressing.  I also had unsweet tea (added sweetner) and some of their bread with butter for an appetizer.  It was all good, especially, the soup and the shrimp. Afterwards, I wasn’t filled, so I thought about having dessert also.  LongHorn gave all the birthday celebrants a free dessert.  I had the key lime pie, and Ray and Mary Ann had chocolate desserts.  Ray’s dessert was gigantic.  Two large scoops of vanilla ice cream in the middle, and on either site a 7 inch triangle of moussed chocolate in various shades of brown.

I cut a one inch wide slice of my key lime pie and then passed the rest around.  I think Jacqueline eventually ended up with it.

The French Onion Soup was so good.  It was a small bowl, but the cheese and broth and onions were very flavorful.  It was so good that when I got home that night, I bought some onions, and beef broth and made my own soup at home.  This was the first time that I used the Emile Henry Flame cookware, although I’ve probably had it for over a year and a half.  It is a red ceramic pot with a lid.  You can cook on the stove top, in the oven and even put in the freezer.  The soup turned out good although I used some shredded Mozzarella, and sandwich sliced white American cheese to top it.

At the end of the meal, I did say that this was probably the best Birthday that I had ever had.  Perhaps, I would qualify that by the best meal with friends and relatives I’ve had.  The food was good, and the people pleasantly interacting.


By the way, I celebrated my 60th Birthday on January 18, 2014.  Never thought I would make it this far.  Am reasonably healthy and mobile.  Have a comfortable apartment and the little white Honda Civic gets me around.