This hasn’t happened in a long while…

Part of my job involves help desk type activities and support.  A user wants to know how to perform a certain function or task.  So, if I have experienced the problem they are having, or know the steps they need to complete the task, I tell them.  But, I just remembered that through the years there appear those “odd” persons who place a higher value on knowing why they need to do something, rather than going ahead and doing it and completing the task more quickly.  When it dawns on me that I am speaking with one of those persons, I have to go into a different mode.  *Another thought.  In times past, I actually came to believe that these people wanted me to spend a certain amount of time helping them solve their problem.  It might not matter what I said to them.  I could read them a nursery rhyme, or some other story, totally unrelated to the sequential steps they needed to complete the desired task.  Once I had spent 20 minutes or more, sometimes repeating the solution more than once, or even twice, and in more than one way, then they were satisfied and could go do what I had suggested in the first 5 minutes of our intercourse.  Perhaps their egos couldn’t handle that someone could solve their problem in a few minutes rather than taking an extended amount of time and effort.

I haven’t encountered one of these types in quite a while, but as I recall, they usually visit when my time is at a premium, where I have other people and tasks to perform.