Ian Rappaport is the lucky schmuck…

The Chicago Sun-Times had an online article entitled, “Meet Bud Light’s Ian Rappaport, who’s up for whatever”. The opening line said, “Ian Rappaport is the lucky schmuck…” that was chosen to participate in this Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial.

I look at him, take into account the state of American television, and seriously doubt that he was randomly chosen, or even wheedled down from a select group. I suspect that he is just another Jew being given the spotlight on TV and made to look like the average “Joe Blow” out having a good time sucking down some suds.

He would have been a “lucky schmuck” if he were a goyim;-)


ADDENDUM:  Could my world view not be skewed?

Rocky & Bullwinkle – Jay Ward (Joseph W. Cohen?)

The Twilight Zone – Rod Serling

“Red Rubber Ball” -The Cyrkle (Don Dannemann, Marty Fried) , Paul Simon

The Invaders, The Fugitive – Quinn Martin (Irwin Martin Cohn)

Columbo – Peter Falk

Marvel Comics – Stan Lee (Stanley Martin Lieber)

Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis (Bernard Schwartz), Paul Newman, James Caan, Michael Douglas

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