Hope Mills Dam – Crowder Construction

I look forward to seeing the outcome of the trial Town of Hope Mills v. Crowder Construction .

When you look at the existing dam, I think you have to ask yourself, “why such an intricate construction for a small lake.”  Well, that was what I asked myself when I first saw the “new” dam, and that was before it failed.  Once it failed, you have to ask, “how much did they pay the engineering company that drew up the plans, and the company that actually built the dam.”  And, I am not sure if the engineers & builders were not from the same company (Crowder Construction).  *I see that the failed dam cost about $10 millions.  MACTEC the engineering company has been absorbed by AMEC.

However, why in the heck has it taken so long to come to trial?  The new dam failed in 2010, and the trial is currently set for July 2014 (and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is not postponed to a later date).

When you look at it, some probably think, “Oh, the folly of men.”  The Titanic was “unsinkable” and this monstrosity of a dam, for such a small body of water appeared to be overkill.

So, won’t the case come down to the following?  If Crowder Construction built the dam according to the engineering specs of MACTEC, and the Town of Hope Mills signed off on this, then Crowder Construction is not liable for the failure of the dam.