Strange things from the PC/Mac Universe…

I see that we’ve been told that a client was able to use two different passwords to login to their single account. Now, we know this cannot be. Well, if it is then something is horribly wrong!

But, years ago when I had an Apple IIe, I did come across one of those “Twilight Zone” experiences while developing a spreadsheet application.

It was probably a budget I was developing in a spreadsheet and I was putting in all ones (1) in each field and seeing if they all totaled up at the end. And then it happened, they did not add up correctly. Let’s say there were 10 items, each field having a 1 in it and the total did not equal 10. I removed the numbers and tried again. Still an incorrect total was displayed. I pored over the mathematical logic in the different fields and it all “seemed” correct. I reviewed it some more. It didn’t just seem correct, the logic was correct. Finally, I copied the whole budget and moved it to another location in the spreadsheet, and amazingly, the ten 1’s totaled to 10.

This was before the Web was easy to google and see if anyone else had experienced a similar problem, but what it came down to was that the computer chips, or at least one of them had been faultily created. I guess all the twists and turns and connections hadn’t been made on the microscopic level. If you placed the mathematical logic and fields in one area of this spreadsheet, they worked fine, but if you happened to find this Twilight Zone area, you were sent to the Bermuda Triangle.

I haven’t seen this problem since, but knowing it happened once means that it could happen again.