Chromebooks, ePortfolios, the Flipped Classroom and WordPress

It would seem that if you (the Institution) were recruiting a higher percentage of incoming students that would need remedial courses, and that because of this you would have a higher percentage of students failing to complete college in 4.5 or 5 years… that you would help them start preparing before they ever arrived on campus. You would also get them in as cheaply, at least for the first two years, so that if they did indeed fail, they would leave the institution with a minimal post-college bill.

Having said that, I am a technician, and as such here are three suggestions:

· Provide incoming Freshmen with a Chromebook and make all courses during the first two years Chromebook friendly. That means storing their documents in the Cloud, and using an LMS (or LMSes) that work well on a Chromebook. Google Docs

· Establish an ongoing relationship with possible candidates as early as possible, and establish whether they will need remedial activities. If so, why not have them work online in some remedial activity. Use WordPress for a development eportfolio.

· Reduce per course costs by attempting to eliminate book fees. Students don’t have to purchase or rent books for their courses.

o Wherever possible use free online course materials.

o Faculty become adept at student “touch”.

§ “Touches” are the personal, intimate, communication between professors and students which can be found nowhere else, and that make the learning process special.

“… You get a free Chromebook, and are not required, for the first two years, to purchase or rent any textbooks, and we will provide you with a personal financial advisor.