Istanbul was Constantinople Then…

Mellon Foundation Awards Davidson $800,000 to Expand Digital Studies


Among these initiatives is "Davidson Domains," which will provide every Davidson student a unique domain name and access to an open-source platform like WordPress. The Web domain will serve as a foundation for students’ online presence
at Davidson and beyond. As students progress through the Davidson curriculum, they will learn how to add content to the domain from any aspect of their experience. Students might use it to display outstanding assignments, samples of internship work or research
experience, and more.


I like the idea that they are giving their students a unique domain name. I love WordPress as an eportfolio. It should be interesting to see if eportfolios at Davidson are any more successful than they have been elsewhere.

I think that a good deal of faculty time and effort would be needed to help students determine which examples of their works and experience should be included in the eportfolio.