I still think something is wrong with this.

300 hay 2 under bridge

There are people living under the Rowan Street bridge that goes over Hillsboro Street. Apparently, they have been living there for at least a couple of years. It’s not that the City of Fayetteville, or the new mayor are unaware of this. How can he be? I emailed him about this and he responded that he would pass this along to the correct department.

300 hay logo

If I wasn’t already living in Fayetteville, I would prefer to live in the 300 Hay section of town. I see that one of those units is currently listed at $375K. But, if I was down and out, it would be nice to know that just a couple of blocks away (a little closer to the Airborne Museum and the Fayetteville Train Depot), I could lay down a bed mattress, find some blankets or used clothing, and stay for free under the Rowan Street bridge. It boggles my mind that the City of Fayetteville finds it unnecessary to do anything about this!