Odd Call from Time Warner Survey Derivative

A few days ago, I received a call from a woman that said she was with Time Warner (or perhaps doing a survey representing them). She was polite and asked if I would take the survey. I said, “yes.”

She asked if I was using a cell phone or a land line. I told her I was on a cell phone.

She asked if I was driving or operating some other machinery, to which I said, “no.”

She made a comment about my Time Warner service having recently changed, and I affirmed that was true. (A few days before the Super Bowl.)

She asked what services I had dropped. I said I had dropped TV.

She asked which services I had kept or added. I said, “Internet.”

She then thanked me for taking the survey and the call ended.


What was up with that? She only verified what she should have already known. Could I have answered differently to receive more questions?