Anyone Received the New Swivl Yet?

An April 17, 2014 video from Ohio State University.

This is one of the first examples of the new Swivl.  Although you do not see the device itself, you do see the new tracking unit.

My original posting and addendums below:

I’ve been waiting for mine. I ordered it in early January 2014, and at that time it was supposed to be a 6 weeks wait. On Feb. 18th, I received an email that they would ship in early March. It is now March 12th and I just sent the company an email asking if there was some problem.

I haven’t seen any postings (by non company persons) showing off their new Swivl yet.

ADDENDUM:  I received a reply from the Swivl rep that said they would be shipping the new Swivl out in another couple of weeks.  That would make shipment the end of March.  That would be 3 months from when my credit card was charged.  *As much as I wanted to “play” with the new device, I sent an email cancellation notice and asked if there was anything else I needed to do to cancel my order.

ADDENDUM-ADDENDUM:  I did receive my order amount refund (by check, my choice) within a week!  Still don’t see anyone’s video examples from using the new Swivl.

It was sort of odd.  I was interested in this little piece of hardware, that had been offered at an extremely reasonable price during the first iteration.  The refinements and redesign of the proposed second iteration looked great.  But, the second iteration had a sizeable jump in price, and the company appeared to have put their energies in what I consider a tangent, Cloud Video.  The trick for Swivl was as a device that caused your camera to follow you, and remotely record very good audio.  I wasn’t interested in having a special place to store and deliver the created videos.  I can put those on YouTube.