Anchovies – Season Brand

I had a steak in the refrigerator last weekend, and also had some flat leaf parsley in a baggy.  I went to the food closet and got a box of  anchovies-season-brand-contentsSeason Brand anchovies.  season-anchovies I’m not sure where I purchased them, but they were very good when I opened the container.

I used several while frying the steak on the stove top, and also used some garlic flavored olive oil during the cooking process.  Anchovies disintegrate during the process.

I got out my blender and added the parsley, some of the garlic flavored olive oil, some anchovies, a little fresh onion, and garlic and some salt and pepper.  This blends up into a bright green pesto which is excellent with steak.  I think I got this recipe from one that Emeril Legasee had posted online several years ago.

The steak and the pesto were very good!