Living Vicariously;-)

Alessandro Crugnola

Several years ago, I think I came across his web site (used to have a green python as part of the background) because of some Flash games, or items he had posted there. But, I really liked looking at the pictures he posted of he and his buddies. They would go out drinking, or travel somewhere “exotic”, and there would be attractive girls/women around them. I never knew if all were friends, or some were relatives, but it seemed like a wonderful life. I had no desire to live his life, but it was interesting.

Well, I forgot about them until this morning. I’m not sure why I thought of them, but I remembered how much fun it was to look at the world through their eyes. I knew he was an Italian computer programmer, and then I knew Flash had to do something with it. I remembered the name Alejandro, although I didn’t know how to spell it. I later saw a female spelling and that got me to where I needed to go “Alessandro”. I looked on Google and the Flickr and eventually I found one new picture of him in profile. When I saw the Twitter info, I knew I had found him. It was good to see the crew… a little older.