Obituary: Jefferson D. Roberson


The death of Captain J. D. Roberson (Robeson) late of Asheville, N.C., occurred rather suddenly on Monday afternoon at the home of his brother-in-law Mr. D. R. Henderson in Ocilla whose family he was visiting in company with his wife and grandchildren. He was slightly ailing from Friday but no serious outcome was apprehended until the last few hours.
Captain Roberson was sixty-three years of age and until a stroke of paralysis he suffered ten years ago, had been a particularly hale and hearty man of large physique and most commanding appearance. He followed the calling of a steamboat captain for many years and was plying on the Ocmulgee River at the time he married his wife who was Miss Mattie Dorminey at that time making her home with her parents the late Mr. and Mrs. Dorminey on their plantation on the river.
After marriage the couple resided in Dublin, at Bainbridge and at Quincey Fla. One daughter Mrs. Mary Eliza Correy with her two children Martha and Billie have been living with them for several years in Asheville, N. C. where they all moved in the interest of Mrs. Correy’s health. She is their only child. In January 1922 Mr. A. D. Corry, their son-in-law died in Quincey, Fla. where his business interests had kept him most of the time. This shock and loss gave Mrs. Correy a freat setback in her health and at the present time it was not thought prudent for her to come to her father’s funeral.
Mr. Roberson was the only survivor of his immediate parental family at the time of his death. His youth was spent in and about Tarhill and Fayettesville, N. C.
The funeral services were conducted in Ocilla with his former Bainbridge friend, Rev. Whitley Langston officiating. Rev. Langston who was a near negihbor and a good friend of Captain Roberson for two eyars in Bainbridge paid a splendid tribute to the noble qualities of Mr. Roberson’s character and his superior mental gifts and business ability. He set forth the commendable traits that were in evidence as a husband, a father, a citizen and a church member. In none had he been found wanting. His message was of particular cheer and comfort to the bereaved widow.
The services were attended by the large connection and friends of his wife’s people the Dorminey’s Interment was made in Evergreen Cemetery where Mrs. Roberson’s parents are buried.