Guinness -n- Gravy

Guinness Extra Stout BeerI bought some Guinness beer a while back and can honestly say I did not like it.  Too bitter for my taste.  So, I left it in my pantry and a month or so ago had gotten some ingredients to make Frogmore Stew.  I found that several recipes suggested using beer to steam the ingredients.  I opened a bottle, but did not use it all, and did not pour the rest out, but loosely recapped it.

I do not recall if a short time later, I was either cooking a steak or some pork chops on the stove and thought of adding some of the beer.  If it was steak, I also added some garlic.

I just fixed a couple of pork chops on the stove top, and opened some Guinness and added it to the cooking meat.  I just had salt and pepper on the chops, but when the gravy cooked down, it was very flavorful.