J.K.’s Restaurant

just a reminder don’t order the corn beef hash or sliced tomatoes. the corn beef hash was mealy tasting and the tomatoes were colorful but flavorless

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ADDENDUM:  The Rainbow also has the mealy corned beef hash.  You begin to question yourself whether the corned beef hash actually tasted differently in the past, and then, as this past Saturday morning (7/5/14) when I ate breakfast at the Golden Corral, you go… oh, yeah… that’s the way corned beef hash used to taste… and still does at GC.  I think some companies probably started adding more “filler” and this lead to the almost tasteless knock-off.

ADDENDUM ADDENDUM:  I have just come to the realization that there may be a conspiracy regarding the corned beef.  Today is 7/24/14 and I see the addendum date above is 7/5/15.  Here are a couple of pictures I took of the Golden Corral less that a week after tasting their good corned beef.

20140713_090950 20140713_091027This was a total surprise.  I had just finished eating breakfast at the new Cracker Barrell a few blocks away and was riding past here when I looked over and noticed that the Golden Corral was no longer there.  I took a quick right into the parking lot and took some pictures.  Wasn’t sure at the time whether there had been a fire or not.  *This was planned demolition and a new super Golden Corral is planned for the site.