Jay’s Seafood Restaurant – Albemarle, NC

I’ve been to Jay’s Seafood Restaurant at least twice, before my visit yesterday.

The first visit, the food was good, but I was seated in a large room with poor acoustics and the crowd was terribly LOUD!  The second visit, I was seated in a smaller room and the food was good.

I am guessing that I hadn’t been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes on those first visits because there is little at this restaurant that a diabetic could eat and not put themselves in danger of a coma, and that’s not counting the number of items that are fried.

The slaw and beef chunks had good flavor.  I spooned some good looking corn kernels on my plate, but they had little flavor (little or no salt).  The fried shrimp were very small and I think the batter overpowered the flavor of the shrimp so that wasn’t that enjoyable.

The real disappointment was the clam chowder.  There were several whole clams in a thin, watery, milky broth, but there was little or no salt.  It smelled good, but was horribly bland to the palate.  But, there was nothing else in the soup.  No potatoes, no onions, etc.  I don’t think I’ve ever had clam chowder (New England Style) that didn’t have some potatoes.  And, I dipped the ladle a couple of times and only came up with the broth and a few whole clams.

A very disappointing visit, and probably my last.