Making a Sandwich

Over the years I have refined a sandwich favorite of mine and here is how to make it.

I buy the Boars Head Black Pepper Ham and HT White American Cheese and buy a loaf of whole wheat bread.  The bread is not the organic version, so it has the grains in the bread.

I put the Indian Mint Chutney on one slice of the bread and the curry remoulade on the other slice.  I either sprinkle some ground Chipotle pepper on the ham, or on the curry remoulade (and then put the ham on top of it).  I then put a couple of slices of the white American cheese on the other slice.

Harris Teeter has good roasted red peppers, so I put a couple of those on top of the ham before closing the sandwich up.

*I make the curry remoulade out of Dukes mayonnaise, a little Patak’s Hot Curry Paste (HT), and some capers.