#989 Fayetteville, NC

First visit to a brand new facility. The lunch price has gone up about 40 cents. Nothing new on the menu. Lots and lots of noisy people. The acoustics were poor, extremely loud environment. Wait staff rushed. Not sure about the layout. Long narrow pathways that are easily blocked by one person, or one person moving their chair into the pathway.

I’m not sure Golden Corral has come up with a winner in this update. I think I will be more likely to visit some of my other haunts one extra day a week instead of braving the crowded new GC.

You don’t realize how much value you place on a friendly wait staff until they aren’t there any more.

ADDENDUM [12/31/14]: I had not been back to GC since my first visit listed above.  I decided to return for lunch this afternoon around 1 pm.  Yeah, GC really screwed themselves over with these changes (with me).  The food is just as good as it was previously, but the environment has went “South”.

The place is “LOUD”.  Sound bounces around and makes people louder than they would have been in the old locations.  There were a bunch of people on one end of the facility, and damn, if I didn’t choose that end to sit in (opposite from my first visit).  I was in a section that could be closed off with doors (a meeting room, I would guess).  Almost all of the tables were taken.  One long corridor leading out had tables on each side, and as I’ve mentioned before from the other side, the walkway is too narrow.  It is uncomfortable for two people to pass each other, and one table even had a long legged man with his foot extended way out into the pathway.

But, here is an observation regarding two of the long-time GC staff.  Neither one looked up to acknowledge me.  They were always friendly in the old building, and had smiles.  I definitely didn’t see smiles on their faces.

I think GC, the management, may have created a facility that could process more customers, but it is definitely a place that I don’t want to return to.  It appears, crowded, loud and unfriendly.  *I was a regular customer previously, preferring the location on Ramsey Street, but had started to return to the Skibo location for lunch on a recurring basis.  The loss of me, as a customer, may not mean much to GC.  But, I would often visit twice a week for lunch.  I’ll miss Golden Corral, as it was, but the new mega-facility sucks and I plan to rarely return because the overall experience is just negative.  Like losing an old friend.

ADDENDUM-ADDENDUM [1/15/15]:  Golden Corral’s recent changes just keep giving to me.  I see that the old GC – Fayetteville location on Ramsey Street is slated to become another Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet.  If that is the case, it will probably put “Little China” out of business.  The first Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet across town put a favorite, small, Chinese restaurant out of business a few months after it came it.  I didn’t like HGSB and have only been about twice since they came to town.  I miss the Jalapeno Pork dish that was a favorite.

ADDENDUM-ADDENDUM-AD INFINITUM [03/07/16]:  I visited this Golden Corral location twice this week (either the 3rd & 4th, or 4th & 5th visits total) for lunch.  Today my being screams, “I HATE THIS PLACE!!!”  It is still LOUD, but may not be quite as loud as it first was.  I still hate that long straight stretch of serving buffet.  You are always having someone come at you, whether you turn to the right or to the left after serving yourself some item.  It doesn’t have a calming effect on me, and although I may not be able to find another restaurant that has as varied a fare, it is not worth it to me to keep giving this place the benefit of the doubt.  There is no doubt, this Golden Corral sucks!