Amazon Fire TV

Not sure what prompted me over the weekend to purchase an Amazon Fire TV box (with game controller). It arrived yesterday afternoon (12/9/14).

I had heard Payam talking about getting his and how fast it was, how easy the setup was, and how well the voice recognition feature worked. He was right!

I just hooked up the HDMI cable (came with it although the documentation said it wasn’t included) to the box and my TV. The little black box is about 5.5“ x 5.5” and about a half inch thick. I hardwired a network cable into it. I didn’t have to enter any authentication info for the network connection. The System also already had my Amazon Prime account so I didn’t have to put that info in the first time. *I say first time because at some point, I was setting up my YouTube account, and the sound went out on all videos. I didn’t know a better fix, so I just reset the whole Fire TV setup, which meant this time I had to manually enter my Amazon Prime account info… and my Netflix account info (which I had done the first time also).

After the reset and completion of the Fire TV setup, the audio was working on all videos, including the YouTube videos. I also connected my YouTube Channel (had to use my phone & browser to activate).

Previously, I have been using my Logitech Revue to view Netflix, and my Chromebook to view my Amazon Prime videos. The Review works well, but the video quality wasn’t 1080p, and the video player for Amazon Prime videos in the Chromebook would regularly fail. But, both Netflix and Amazon Prime videos are crisp (even Goldfinger, James Bond 007) and there is no delay. They have played, for half a day with no hiccups.

I hooked up the game controller and tried one of the games that came with the purchase. I have passed my gaming days. I just don’t want to spend the time to become proficient in playing them as I did when I was younger.

Overally, the Amazon Fire TV is a very good purchase and experience!