je ne suis pas Charlie

Not speaking French, and relying on a Google, English to French, translator, “je ne suis pas Charlie“, and I hope that translates effectively to “I am not Charlie“.

I am for free speech, to a point.  Free speech that propounds child molestation or genocide as normal acts is not free speech.  So, I am not in favor of murdering blasphemous heathens even if they degrade or ridicule what or who I hold dear to my religion.

I don’t have to understand French to know that je ne suis pas Charlie.  The visual elements of their cartoons, of which you can quickly view a myriad via Google Search – Images, quickly let’s me know that I am not Charlie.

We all have a chance to learn, from recent events, that “words” can indeed kill you.  If my words may kill me, then I hope that I will choose them wisely, and speak the truth, in love, so that in death, others may be able to say, “the man is dead, but the idea will live on.”