An Enjoyable Super Bowl Experience

As Super Bowl experiences go, the one last night must rank near the top.  Two powerful teams facing each other, and an entertaining half-time show.  I just wish I had cared which team won, but am glad with the outcome.

On the field:

  • Seahawks touchdown pass reception at the end of the first half to tie the game up.  Gutsy and well executed.
  • Seahawks pass reception near the end of the game, with an incredible on the ground catch.  Couldn’t fault the defense for this.  If the guy I’m covering is on the ground, without the ball in his hand, don’t blame me if he still pulls it in.  That is just exceptional concentration, and a lotta LUCK!
  • Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.  Last pass of the game, oh yea.  We could all see the Seahawks scoring for a Super Bowl WIN.

On the stage/and off:

  • I’m an old man, but Katy Perry is a good looking young woman.  She is a good looking woman now.  She would have been a good looking woman when I was 40 years old, or 20, or 16, etc.
  • Few, if any noticeable glitches in performances or equipment.
  • I loved the projected stage.  I was wondering how they did that, and probably still am.



  • I wish that whichever channel hosts the Super Bowl, that they will provide streaming extras to include additional camera angles.
    • I think it was two years ago that CBS was streaming several alternate cameras.  *I was watching the game on my TV, but streaming two different camera angles, one on my Chromebook and one on a Fire HD.  The Chromebook never hiccupped, and I especially like the floating camera angle, but the Kindle just didn’t have the memory and kept stopping to wait for its memory cache to fill.