Why we are requiring a Facebook account to comment? WRAL

Facebook-dislike-546651I was reading the article on the WRAL.com web site, “Parents of American woman held by IS notified of her death” and wanted to comment on one of only two comments, where the commenter had said something to the effect that, ‘if she put herself in harm’s way, if she gets killed, what surprise’.  I was going to ask if that logic also applied to journalists and the Armed Forces.  That is when I was confronted with the obstacle that I apparently could not comment without using my Facebook account.  For a couple of years I have been using a different account (or recently G+).  I wrote the webmaster and indeed there had been a recent policy change and Facebook only (without posting to Facebook) was now the rule.  The article justified the policy change as there being more control of comments, and the high cost of moderating comments.  Where there would normally be 50 or more comments already about the slain girl, there are only 4 and two of those are comments about the Facebook restriction on commenting… and the comment I was going to comment upon is now missing.  I guess having a Facebook account doesn’t filter all the rude commentary;-)   Heck!  If you don’t want my comments, no way that I am going to spend any time reading through other’s comments.
ADDENDUM [8/20/15]: I used to visit the WRAL web site quite a bit and often made commentary on articles.  I didn’t get the impression that my items were actually read and responded to (except on periodic occasions) but I did participate.  Since they started requiring a Facebook account to post, I have failed to post… and I guess it was a natural process to not visit as often, until I hardly ever read comments… or even articles.  After all, why read someone else’s comments if you are not going to have a say also?
ADDENDUM [12/18/15]: It was alright to walk away from the WRAL comments.  No where near as tumultuous.