Gingered Pork Chops

ginger-jarThis is not from a recipe and was prompted because I had bought a small jar of minced ginger.  I bought a package of bone-in pork chops, and put three in a large frying pan, with some olive oil.  I then placed a dollop of minced ginger on each chop and spread it out.  I sprinkled some garlic powder on each chop, and then salt & pepper.  I finally came back with some lime juice over each chop.  I used a little Equal for sweetening.  Sometimes, I might add a little Agave Nectar for sweetness.  I didn’t turn the chops over and cooked them for several minutes on a medium-low heat.  There was enough juice so they did not dry out during the cooking process.

I was very pleased with the outcome.


I had some asparagus spears in the refrigerator, so I pulled them out and steamed them, added a little salt & butter, and had them with re-heated ginger pork chops.  The flavors worked well together.

Some years ago, I found a steamer insert for my Revere Ware pot.  I use it for asparagus, broccoli and carrots.  As mentioned elsewhere, the lids for my Guy Fieri cookware fit my old Revere Ware pots & pans, and this steamer insert fits the GF pot also.