As winter storm snarls traffic, transportation chief promotes new book

Rather than pointing out that Tony Tata is on a personal book tour in Chicago, on a day when many North Carolinians are struggling with the effects of a “surprise” snow storm, maybe we should be asking the questions as to how WRAL Weather personalities so poorly prepared the public for this storm…

and then, as Greg Fishel and others would probably point out, it was one of those weather events that depending upon timing and the shifting of 50 or so miles on one side of the I95 Corridor, or not, could have caused it to mostly be a “non-event” in the Triangle / Fayetteville Area, or to have had the effects it did.

WRAL Weather didn’t prepare the public adequately, only pointing out the severity last night.  But, then that’s what we are dealing with “weather,” and something that cannot be predicted accurately all the time.  Sometimes you just get it wrong.

But, there have been many accidents and even a fatality.  Where is Tata?

Well, he has been in a video conference with his staff.  What would be the benefit of him postponing his book tour to fly back to NC?  What could he actually do for today’s problems?  Not much, if anything.  Now, if we have another “snow event” tomorrow or later this week and he is still out of the State, then I might have a problem.

If you want to come down on someone really hard regarding putting people in danger, why don’t you ask the question of why the State vs Carolina Basketball Game is still on for tonight? How many people’s lives will be in danger?  What if there is an accident to/from the Game?

Get Over It!