Michael Diamond Doesn’t Have a Clue!

Michael Diamond’s TWC marketing letter came to me while I was waiting for my “rescheduled” appointment with the TWC Installer.  The letter encourages to come back to TWC and there are no hassle, 1 hour scheduled wait times for services installation.

Well, the TWC installer showed up sometime before 5:32 pm on the originally scheduled afternoon, and left a notice about “Sorry we missed you,” when the schduled time was to be between 6 pm – 7 pm, and they never came back that afternoon/night.  So, I rescheduled for a “first hour of the day” installation time, even though I had to come into work a little later, and the installer showed up and everything went fine.  The installation was 11 days from the originally scheduled time.

I’ve been in this apartment for about 3 years.  About 3 years ago, the TWC installer was supposed to show up between 6 pm – 7 pm… They didn’t show up then either.  No one came to the door.  No one tried to call, because I had my cell phone with me all during that time.  The next day when I called to reschedule, I was told that I hadn’t been at home.  I corrected that bit of misinformation immediately.  That rescheduled appointment was for first thing Saturday morning.  The TWC installer came and everything went fine.

Okay, so if I ever need a TWC installer to come, I’m damned sure not going to schedule a time after 5 pm.  You can’t rely on those tasked during that time to show up, or call.  I’m not saying all evening installers are untrustworthy, but I’m batting 100% so far, to the negative.

So, that is why I say that Michael Diamond with TWC doesn’t have a clue about 1 hour scheduled times for installation.  If he did, what could he do?  Probably not a thing… except quit promising something that HE couldn’t deliver in his marketing letters & TV commercials.

Yale School of Drama Board of Advisors, MFA

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