Upgraded to Windows 10

I had bought a cheap Dell Inspirion touch-screen PC for home, somewhere in the last year.  I got it from Best Buy, and it was a “return” unit.  It had Windows 8.1 on it, which I was not enamored by.  I did note that the unit would often go to the “Blue Screen of Death” and I had thought that the unit probably had some bad memory which was causing this.  So, I had left the unit off for months, just sitting there collecting dust.

Then over the weekend, I decided to start it up again, and then it came to me to see if I could get the free Windows 10 upgrade.  I found the upgrade request site and put my email address in.  At some point the little Window icon appeared on my Task Bar, and when I opened up the window from it, it said that Windows 10 was downloading in the background and it would notify me when I could start the Upgrade process.

Last night, I finally saw that the files had finished downloading and I started the Upgrade to Windows 10 process.  I think it took less than an hour, and when it was through I started using Windows 10.

Windows 10 seems to start up quicker, and I have been pleasantly surprised by the interface.  Enough like Windows 7, which I still use at work, and yet combining the Windows 8 interface.

ADDENDUM [8/15/15]:  I have continued to be happy with Windows 10.  I haven’t had a “blue screen of death” since I installed W10.  I installed Snagit successfully yesterday.  I’ve modified the background screens.