Black Queen & Latin King


Not a bad looking couple, right?  Why would a pretty girl like this hang around with a street gang thug like that?  When WRAL first reported this, that is what I wondered.  Then several days later I found out that the person on the left wasn’t actually a pretty young black woman at all.  Call me old fashioned, but if I was a macho, street gang member and started having sex with this good looking woman and part way into all this, it became apparent that there was one too many men, and no woman involved, I might go ballistic.  I don’t know if that is what caused the murder, but it would be a great motive.

So, you have to read though the WRAL news article online to get the “gist” of the situation.  You have to put the pieces together…

  • have located the remains of a woman
  • the remains of Elisha Walker (strange name for a woman)
  • Arias,… was named as a suspect in Walker’s disappearance
  • originally reported missing by her mother
  • “If he is still with Angel, I think there is a problem,” Ruth Alexander said (Is Ruth the mother?  If so she knows the sex of her child.)

Society can make all the allowances it wants, but pay attention and eventually the truth of what is right and wrong will be evident.


ADDENDUM [12/08/15]:

US Marine Found Guilty of Killing Transgender Filipino  The victim’s mother said, “But the important thing is he will be jailed,” she said, crying. “My son’s life is not wasted.”  *Do you begin to see a pattern here?  When some people are turned on by you acting like a sexy woman, when you still have male anatomy, then don’t be surprised if all that sexual enegry gets morphed into violent rage for the climax!