SPECTRE@IMAX: What a Disappointment!

The James Bond movie, SPECTRE, was a good Bond film.  Exciting and predictable formula.

But, don’t you know that just because the JAWS-type Bond nemesis gets yanked out of a speeding train car with a rope around his neck shouldn’t stop him from reappearing several times later before the end of the film?

I had never gone to an IMAX “movie” movie, and never to this theatre in Fayetteville, NC, but starting with some of the endless movie trailers and PSAs leading up to the film, I began to notice how fuzzy, jagged and lacking digital crispness some of the scenes were.  I was hoping that once the actual movie started, that the digital quality would improve greatly… thinking that local video production wouldn’t be able to fund the high-end quality of an International Bond Film.

But, several times during SPECTRE, I was forced outside of the story to make a mental note that “this is like watching an old Analog movie” because of the fuzziness of items in the film.  IMAX has very good SOUND, but I would rather stay home and watch on a much smaller screen, where the digital video quality is light-years ahead of IMAX.  Paying $11.77 for the matinee isn’t worth it just for a big fuzzy experience.

**”Movie” movie – I think I had been in an IMAX theater (perhaps Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh) once, but the videos were of various queasy stomach, “over the cliff” images meant to make your mind giddy with self-preservation.