FATZ Restaurant – Cheraw, SC

Cheraw, SC is about 1.5 hours SW of Fayetteville, NC.  My first visit to the Fatz Restaurant, in Cheraw, was back in November of this year (2015).  My waitress was Ashley, and the overall experience was excellent!  I had onion rings, and one of the provided dipping sauces was a Chipotle Ketchup, which was sweet, with a little heat, and a definite Chipotle flavor.  Ashley was attentive to my experience and I left a good tip, for me;-)

Today was my third visit to the restaurant.  I was seated and told that Ashley would be my waitress.  Moments later, the hostess changed her mind and as Ashley came to my booth, the hostess pulled her off and directed her to serve someone else.  Ashley leaned back to me and said, “Someone else will be here to help you shortly,” smiled and walked away.  Another waitress came to wait on me.

I ordered unsweet tea, although I would sweeten it with an off brand sweetner.  I had viewed the Lunch Menu online before my visit, and had decided to order the veggie trio.  The  Kale Slaw, Red Potato Salad with Fresh Dill, and Sweet Fried Brussels had looked good so I ordered them and I also asked for some onion rings.   Later the waitress would return and ask if a substitution, for the red potato salad, would be okay.  I asked if I could get a baked potato instead and she went off to inquire.  When she came with my food, it included a baked potato, sour cream, butter, bacon bits and a mixed shredded cheese blend… kale salad, fried brussel sprouts (with onions in a sweet balsamic vinaigrette).  The onion rings had arrived just a little before my entree.

It was all good!  The kale salad and the fried brussel sprouts & onions had good flavor, as did the baked potato.  I put some of the bacon bits on my potato, but I also put some in the kale salad.  Good flavors.

My waitress did not return until almost the end of my meal.  She asked if I wanted a tea to go but I asked for a water & ice to go.  She came with my water and I signed the Visa receipt and left a small tip.

I do like Fatz and so far the food has all been good.  *I forgot, they have a bread appetizer that is also good.