$2B Bond or Not $2B Bond – Connect NC


Looks like FTCC is second from the top of NC Community Colleges in receiving funds from the Bond. Only Wake County is slated to get more. FTCC is scheduled to get more funds than Fayetteville State University, which in the list of higher ed UNC institutions is at the bottom. Even Elizabeth City State, an institution in dire trouble, is to get $3M more than FSU.

If you add up all the Cumberland County Projects (there are 3)… FTCC + FSU + State Parks Project, Cumberland County is supposed to benefit around $25M. But, take a look at Burke County and their total projects add up to about $90M. Burke County?!?

There are 3 projects to improve National Guard Facilities (none near Cumberland County) each of which are to receive $23+M.

I wonder who of our State Senators & Representatives were paying attention to what Cumberland County & FSU would be getting. If they were paying attention, did FSU get shafted on purpose? So, Cumberland County residents that are paying into this bond (if it passes) with their taxes will be supporting projects that are overwhelmingly for projects outside of Cumberland County.

UNC-Wilmington, my alma mater, will get $66M for their new Health & Human Services /Nursing Building, “Woo Hoo!”


FSU, where I have worked going on 21 years, will get $10M to “renovate” an old chemistry building, “Woo Huh?!?”

When you are taking from Peter to pay Paul, I don’t want to be Peter.


ADDENDUM: (05/20/18)

Lately, I’ve seen where FSU won $30,000 for campus improvements.  Suppose that we had come up with a $30,000,000 STEM project and requested that funding, instead of the $10,000,000 that we requested from the $2 Billion Bond Referendum.  $30K is what percentage of $30Million…   0.1%  That’s not 1 percent but 1 tenth of 1 percent.