Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers

I finally got around to visiting Freddy’s restaurant late Sunday afternoon.  The place was about a third to a half full, but not crowded.  I ordered a #1 Combo, which included a double steakburger, match-stick fries and a drink.

I noted that a few customers with order numbers after mine were called, and I was hoping that my order had not been lost during my first visit.

I drank Diet Dr. Pepper.

I read one review that called the fries, shoe-string, but I labelled them match-stick because that was about their average diameter.  I tried them both with ketchup and the Freddys fries sauce.  I like ketchup with my fries, and these little, odd lengthed fries made it difficult to get a good little dab of sauce with each bite.

I noted an odd “burger” flange which was brown and thin and crispy that went around the burgers.  I figured this was done to provide more flavor, but I’m not sure if this is done by spreading something down on the grill and then putting a regular sized burger in it.

The bun disintegrated as I continued to eat the burger, which ended up with a sloppy mess at the end.  I liked the onions that were on the burger.

I think I paid about $7 for the Combo.  I like the Burger Combo at The Wiener Works much better.  I’m probably not going to try the custard, and there isn’t much reason for me to return the second time.  *Makes me wonder why this franchise would be as fast growing as it was touted in the newspaper article I read.