FSU & Connect NC Bond

The average dollars request of the 17 Higher Ed institutions listed below was about $57 Millions.  By only asking for $10 Millions, Fayetteville State University lost out on about $47 Millions in some potential project.  I think I’ve seen how difficult it is to motivate the FSU Alumni to give, and I’m pretty sure it would take several years to make up for losing almost $50 Millions compared to the other UNC System Higher Ed institutions.




When asked why the FSU request amount was so low, compared to the rest, one State Representative responded, “It is my understanding that these were in response to requests from the individual universities.  Perhaps the type project they requested has a lower price tag.  It is listed as the Lyons Science Bldg renovation.  Thanks for asking.

Another State Representative responded as, “The FSU appropriation appears low in comparison. A special criteria was used that stipulated the new design/allocations had to promote growth or initiatives in STEM areas. It is my understanding that the science building at FSU was the only project that fit the criteria.